ASWA Putting animals on the Agenda of the Christian Church

First and foremost ASWA people care about animals and their welfare. There are so many animals exploited for human advantage and often subject to appalling cruelty. We are a Christian organisation born of the Anglican Church but welcoming all denominations who share our compassion for animals.

We believe by raising awareness of real life instances of animal suffering we can change behaviour and influence decision makers.

This site is a focal point for ASWA where we will keep you abreast of current campaigns, useful references, resources, events and services when we are able to get together.

We hope you are inspired by the message we promote. Animals are God’s creatures. They do not deserve to suffer. Please get involved in any way you can. Thank you.

ASWA is an Anglican (Church of England) organisation founded over 40 years ago. We are called to raise awareness amongst Christians and others of the need to care for the whole of creation. In particular, we are concerned with the abuse of animals.

God has given us ‘dominion’ not ‘domination’ over animals (Genesis 1:26). This means ‘loving care’ not ‘ruthless exploitation’.


The Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals
PO Box 7193, Hook, Hampshire RG27 8GT, UK.
Registered Charity Number 1087270