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Introductory Booklet

This booklet describes the work and aims of ASWA and includes details of the activities and objectives of the Society as well as the Membership Application Form, account Details and Bank Mandate.  It is 12 pages in length. Charge for postage

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Thinking About Vegetarianism

This leaflet invites the reader to consider the issues of following a meat-free diet. The Revd Hugh Broadbent clearly sets out the theological argument.  It is written to provoke thought and debate and sets out clearly the arguments in support of meat eating and vegetarianism in a Christian context.

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Animal Welfare Patterns for Worship

A comprehensive guide to the running of an Animal Welfare Service.  It includes recommendations related to Gathering, Penitence, Liturgy, Hymns, Anthems and Psalms, Affirmations and Prayers.  Free Download

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The Birds Born To Suffer

The issues related to poultry husbandry and food quality and health have been in the press in recent years with some support from public figures including celebrity chefs including Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall and Jamie Oliver.  The booklet explores the husbandry issues as well as encouraging the reader to take a more informed choice in the selection of their food.

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A Service for Animal Welfare

A suggested Order of Service for an Animal Welfare Service.  The booklet was created to support those seeking to promote Animal Welfare Services as a resource for the leaders of a service.  It can be used in conjunction with other AWS material available from the Society. Charge for postage

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Introducing Animal Welfare Sunday

The booklet sets out the background to Animal Welfare Sunday.  Each year ASWA promotes AWS, which is typically the Sunday nearest the day of St Francis of Assisi.  The day was introduced and promoted by the society to capture the attention of the wider Christian Community.  Members are encouraged to promote a service at their own church.  The booklet can be issued to clergy and others as a support to members in engaging with their clergy.  It includes suggestions and facts in support of Sermon writers. Charge for postage

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Hunting With Hounds and Shooting

While a Hunting Ban has been introduced in the United Kingdom, this appears a fragile position.  The booklet explores issues related to culling, hunting and associated animal management issues.  It is written in a form to create debate and to challenge the established behaviours and norms of our society.

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Animals in War

This booklet was originally written to support the Animal in War Theme for 2010.  Animals have been used for centuries to support in the field of combat whether in war or times of civil threat.  The booklet provides a valuable insight into the use of animals in these circumstances, cites acts of courage as well as exploring God's Love in the context of conflict.  The booklet was updated for the WW1 Centenary in 2014.

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ASWA - Who are we?

A brief introductory leaflet that can be issued at events to introduce the Society.  Charge for postage

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Worshipping with the Whole Creation

Christians are called to pray for the coming of Gods Kingdom.  The booklet explores issues related to creation and our custodial responsibilities as Christians. Free Download

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Prayers and Readings

The booklet is written for use at times of burial and the loss of an animal.  It provides prayers and comments as well as suggested Bible readings for those left bereft or suffering from the loss and seeking comfort.

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Egg Cards

The little oval shaped cards that were given out at the 2008 Rochester Cathedral service.  They are yellow,  the same shape and size as a hens egg with the ASWA logo on one side and the following prayer on the other side:

God of life,
come to us in your resurrection power.
Break through the cold, hard shell
of our indifference, selfishness and pride,
and bring into being, from the yolk of our hearts,
a new spirit of compassion and understanding.
May there be respect
for every animal and bird,
delight in their wonder, beauty and goodness,
true reconciliation,
and peace with all,
for the sake of your Son,
who died to make us one in you.

Great for handing to people in your Church! - or leaving out in your Church at Easter time!

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Return to the Fold

written by member, Linda Bodicoat.  Prayers, Reading and Hymns for use following the death of animals. Price includes postage and packing

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A Prayer for Animal Welfare Sunday

A prayer card with a prayer especially written for Animal Welfare Sunday which can be used during prayers and intercessions.

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Thoughts and Prayers when Lighting a Candle

Suggested prayers to help those who have recently suffered a bereivement of a much loved animal

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A Prayer of Hope

to assist those individuals who have recently suffered animal loss in prayer.

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Hymns for 'All Creatures Great and Small'

A leaflet with smaple hymns for inclusion in an Animal Service

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Remembrance Prayer Card

A Prayer for Animals - The Hidden Victims of War by Linda J Bodicoat ©

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Remembrance Hymn card

Remembrance  Hymn written by Linda J Bodicoat ©

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Thinking About Animal Testing

Worldwide, tens of millions of animals are used in scientific tests each year.  Christians cannot remain indifferent to this institutionalised suffering.  The booklet provides background, detail and suggests alternatives.

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Compassionate Eating as Care of Creation

The booklet is very readable for those of us who are not scholars and contains colour photographs. It covers such subjects as ‘Compassionate Eating as a Spiritual Discipline' and Compassionate Eating - An Ecumenical Christian Vision. Professor Halteman also covers an important section on Factory Farming and the Hidden costs to Human Beings, the Environment and also of course to the animals themselves.

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The Bible & Animal Welfare - Helen Hall

New - June 2012 - This excellent general booklet, easy to understand, suitable for youth, discusses God as Creator and takes us through several examples in Scripture of God's relationship with all of Creation. Contains colour images. Also available as free download

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PAWS for Prayer card

Originally produced for the service at Chelmsford Cathedral, these little cards feature a prayer for Companion Animals printed on one side.  Now offered for sale in the ASWA on-line shop.

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The Great Cage Escape - Louise van der Merwe

This childrens book is a real little gem.  I sat and read it in about half an hour one afternoon.  It had been sent to me by our ASWA South African Representative – Anne Hemmings.  If you want to give a book to a child with a real moral message about life from the perspective of a captive animal then this is the book for you!  The forward to the book is written by Jonathan Balcombe – animal scientist and behaviourist, as he says ‘Animals’ lives matter to them. Their most precious possession is their freedom’.


The book is written by Louise van der Merwe – a remarkable woman who works tirelessly for animal rights in South Africa. I first discovered her when I read her first book ‘Goosie’s Story’ about a battery hen a few years ago.

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Raining Cats & Dogs - Sermon Resource

Originally written as a sermon resource for Animal Welfare Sunday in 2012 by Rita Donovan - ASWA Committee member.  These booklets explore the welfare issues surrounding our most popular companion animals - dogs and cats.

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Raining Cats & Dogs - Children's Pack

The Children's Pack version of the Animal Welfare Sunday 2012 material.  Written by Revd Helen Hall contains lots of activities and ideas for use by Children's workers in a Church environment.

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Pack of Mixed Postcards (2 designs)

6 postcards in a pack with envelopes

Price: £4.00

With the Eyes of Love

By Rev Christa Blanke

Published by Animals' Angels Press

ISBN 978-3-9814946-4-8

170 pages Hardback


“We are there for the animals” say Animals’ Angels and this is exactly what they do.  


Price: £4.50

Let My People Go

Claiming the Bible for the Animals

By Revd Christa Blanke

Published by Animals’ Angels Press

ISBN  978-3-9814946-6-2

117pp. Paperback                                                                                            .



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OUR WILD WORLD - Animal Sticker Pack

Price: £3.00

Writing Competition Entry

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