Books are frequently published related to Animal Welfare issues.  We always welcome reviews of new books and are steadily building our archive which will be useful to students and those with an interest in the subject.


The following books have a review available:-

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by Philip Lymbery with Isabel Oakeshott

Farmageddon Amazon

Price £12.99 in paperback - ISBN 978-1-4088-4644-5







Let My People Go- Claiming the Bible for the Animals

By Rev Christa Blanke 

Published by Animals' Angels Press

ISBN 978-3-9814946-6-2

117 pages paperback

Price £4.00 from ASWA Shop





Animal Welfare Through the Cross

Book Cover

A collection of Animal Christian Concern Articles

Compiled by Roslyne Louise Smith

Price £9.99 – ISBN 978-0-95751-0

Often available on offer in paperback, Kindle 





With the Eyes of Love

We are there with the animals - Dispatches from the front lineWith the Eyes of Love

By Rev Christa Blanke (translated by Sheelagh Graham)

Published by Animals' Angels Press

ISBN 978-3-9814946-4-8

170 pages Hardback

Price £4.50 from ASWA Shop





Familiar Strangers

The Church and the Vegetarian Movement in Britain (1809–2009)Familiar Strangers

By John M Gilheany

Published by Ascendant Press

ISBN 978-0-9552945-1-8

265 pages Paperback

Price £9.99





Compassionate Eating as Care of Creation - by Matthew C. Halteman

The Humane Society of the United States

2100 L Street, NW Washington DC 20037 

44 pp

available via


Eating Animals - by Jonathan Safran Foer

Hamish Hamilton
314 pp,
ISBN 978024114393



Every Creature a Word of God - Compassion for Animals as Christian Spirituality

by Annika Spalde & Pelle Strindlund

Published by Vegetarian Advocates Press
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
[This is a translation into English (USA) from a Swedish text first published in 2005.]
ISBN 978-0-9716676-3-1



One Dog at a Time: Saving the Strays of Helmand - by Pen Farthing

Published by Ebury Press
ISBN 978-0-0919-2880-3



Bad Hare Days - by John Fitzgerald

ISBN: 978-1-905513-67-3





The School of Compassion - A Roman Catholic Theology of Animals

by Deborah M Jones

ISBN 978 0852447314






The Inner World of Farm Animals: Their Amazing Social, Emotional and Intellectual Capacities
by Amy Hatkoff

ISBN 978-1-58479-748-7





Mornings of Joy by Rosemary Fitzherbert Jones

available via review page





The Animal Manifesto - by Marc Bekoff {Awaiting Review} 


Climate and Christ - A Prophetic Alternative - by Edward P Echlin

Published by The Columbia Press

ISBN 978-1-85607690-6



Second Nature - The Inner Lives of Animals by Jonathan Balcombe

ISBN: 978-0-230-61362-1



Theology on the Menu: Asceticism, Meat and Christian Diet

by D. Grumett and R. Muers

ISBN 978-0-415-49683-4







The Friends We Keep - Unleashing Christianity's Compassion for Animals

By Laura Hobgood-Oster

Published by Darton Longman & Todd Ltd

ISBN 978-0-232-52845-9
237 pages Paperback Eleven black & white photographs
Price £14.99




We Don't Do That Tune, Vicar


by Reg Frary

More disharmony in the choir

ISBN 978-1-85311-837-1

Published by Canterbury Press, Norwich Paperbacks

The Lost Chords

by Reg Frary

The parish choir tries its best

ISBN 978-1-85311-977-4

Published by Canterbury Press, Norwich Paperbacks



Tommy's Ark: Soldiers and their Animals in the Great War

by Richard van Emden

Hardcover: 352 pages
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (1 Nov 2010)
ISBN-10: 1408806118
ISBN-13: 978-1408806111


The publication of this book coincided with a year in which ASWA was particularly remembering Animals in War. It provides detail both of the great suffering which animals endured in the First World War and also of the great comfort and hope which animals gave the troops who fought in that war. It can be thoroughly recommended to anyone with an interest in the subject.


The Bunny Hugging Terrorist

By Joan Court

With a Preface by Tony Benn

Published by Selene Press
74 Sturton Street, Cambridge , CB1 2QA
ISBN 0-9543452-1-1
Price £9.99
120 pages Paperback Black & White and Colour Photographs

When I read In the Shadow of Mahatma Ganhdi (Joan Court's autobiography to 1977) I hoped that there would be a sequel; here it is. The previous volume finished with Joan at the age of 60 going up to Cambridge to read Social Anthropology.



In the Shadow of Mhatma Ghandi

By Joan Court

With a Preface by Bruce Kent

Published by Selene Press
74 Sturton Street, Cambridge , CB1 2QA
ISBN 0-9543452-0-7
Price £7.99
208 pages Paperback Black & White Photographs


All lives are voyages; Joan Court's journey has taken her further than many. After what we would now call a "deprived childhood" involving genteel birth in 1919, the divorce of her parents, an alcoholic and abusive mother, teenage work in domestic service, a father who committed suicide and little formal education one might imagine that Joan Court's life story would be one of misery and hardship. One could not be further from the truth.


ST FRANCIS OF ASSISI - Poor Little Rich Man

By Allan Procter
Published by Melrose Press Limited
St Thomas Place, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 4GG
ISBN 0-905226-88-8
Price £10.99
105 pages Hardback One Black & White Photograph



Good Food for Everyone

Good Food for Everyone

A people’s takeover of the world’s food supply


By Colin Tudge

Published by Pari Publishing Sas.

Via Tozzi, 7       58045 Pari (GR)         Italy

ISBN 978-88-95604-13-8

Price £9.99/€13.50

174 pages    Paperback     No illustrations