Animal Welfare Through the Cross

A collection of Animal Christian Concern Articles

Compiled by Roslyne Louise Smith

Price £9.99 – ISBN 978-0-95751-0




This book comprises of a collection of sermons, articles and letters from Animal Christian Concern (ACC), many of them written by May Tripp herself who a number of ASWA members will be familiar with.

May Tripp has been a huge influence on me personally.  When I first started as Secretary with ASWA back in 1996, she was a great help and support and although I have only met her personally a couple of times we have had many long talks on the telephone and she is a great letter writer.

The forward to this book is by Rt Revd John Austin Baker – a former President of ASWA and now a Patron.  Bishop John was also a Patron of ACC and spoke at many of their services.  Some of his wonderful sermons are included in this book.

I took this book to read on my annual holiday and was transported back to my early years as ASWA Secretary.  Some of the talks were those given at the retreats that were held at Maryvale which were so special. One in particular is by May herself given at the 1993 retreat entitled ‘Through the Cross to the New Creation’ – the book is worth buying simply for this amazing piece of writing!

Having read this very special book, I think it is important to remember the number of Christians who have been involved in ‘fighting the good fight’ for animal welfare over the years.  They may have been comparatively few in number but what dedication and determination they have shown.  We need to be encouraging each other to keep writing, keep talking, keep praying and keep hoping.  There is still so much to be done!

I would like to end with this quote from May Tripp which sums up so much about ACC and what it stood for:

“Our battle for animal rights is a conflict which is running parallel to countless other battles for human justice, but I believe that our battle is taking place on the ‘last frontier.’ At last our concern has extended beyond those of human self-centredness.  We are praying and working for a restored harmony in the Whole Creation.”

Sam Chandler