Making Our Voice Heard (For Animals Who Need Help Now)

When we hear of the mistreatment (or worse) of animals it is the responsibility of us all to speak up, to raise awareness and remind ourselves of the respect all God's creatures are entitled to. ASWA has a voice within the Church and out through the media to a wider audience. We take our responsibilities seriously and use all our influence to bring about change. Please follow our Campaigns, spread the word and join us in protecting the needs of the most vulnerable.

Current Campaign:

Threat to Hunting Bill

ASWA strongly opposes any change in the law reintroducing fox-hunting.

The Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals strongly opposes any change in the law re-introducing fox-hunting.

Deliberately inflicting pain and fear on a living being for pleasure is not compatible with a Christian commitment and lifestyle. It is more

Other Campaigns:

ASWA awards 'Animal Friendly Church' status - Accredited churches growing - "Is your Church Animal Friendly?"

Archbishop Desmond Tutu speaks out ...... - in the forward of the recently published Global Guide to Animal Protection

ASWA against Foie Gras - ASWA President, Dominic Walker, writes to Church Times concerning Foie Gras

Zero Grazing - ASWA opposes Zero Grazing Industrial Dairy Farms

Urban Foxes - ASWA issue a statement on Urban foxes following the recent incident in London.