CLIMATE AND CHRIST - A Prophetic Alternative - by Edward P Echlin


Published by The Columbia Press
ISBN 978-1-85607690-6
Price £9.99


No rain at Wimbledon, no mud at Glastonbury; what's wrong? Newspaper headline 27 June 2010.

Here is a book of Christian Theology relating to climate change and written after the failure of the Copenhagen summit. The author notes that climate is changing everywhere but especially in the Arctic where, he explains, the consequences of greater melt and less reflection compound the problem. Condemning man's consumption and destruction, the writer sees Christ in the Earth and in all creatures. He quotes Jesus' many references to plants and animals which are to be expected from one who grew up in a self sufficient village. He mentions that the Jewish Covenant was not only with God it was also with the land.

Critical of short term market forces Mr Echlin (who lives in East Sussex) offers a number of suggestions for changing our lifestyles and gives three conclusions which may be summarised as: Fertile soil and water are a gift in trust from God; Caring for the soil and water is fundamental to life on earth; and Misuse of soil or water are offences against Christ.

With three and a half pages of bibliography and numerous references to theologians down the ages including Pierre Teillhard de Chardin, this is an excellent commentary on one of today's most challenging issues.


John Roll Pickering