Every Creature a Word of God - Compassion for Animals as Christian Spirituality by Annika Spalde & Pelle Strindlund

Published by Vegetarian Advocates Press
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
[This is a translation into English (USA) from a Swedish text first published in 2005.]
ISBN 978-0-9716676-3-1


This book begins with an account of a raid on a battery farm in order to release and re-home some chickens. Stories of similar incidents and their consequences in court and prison are scattered through the book.

Written by two Swedish Lutherans (one is an ordained deacon), this book expounds their philosophy that all animals are God's creation and equally deserving of compassion as humans. The authorities and examples that they cite include the Old Testament books of Psalms and Job, Sufi traditions from Islam, Sir Thomas More, J S Mill, modern Trappist Thomas Merton and many early Saints including those from the Middle East. There is an inconclusive discussion as to whether Jesus was a vegetarian and an interesting commentary on the incident of the Gadarene swine.

Parallels are drawn between the rights of animals and those of children.
The anti-slavery movement is discussed and mention made that some of its pioneers, such as the American Quaker Benjamin Lay, were vegetarians.
Marginalised groups are also mentioned including gay people and women without rights. They point out that after the great Flood, God's covenant was with all living creatures.

God's people have compromised with absolute laws in the past such as when the Israelites chose Saul to be a king and more recently over divorce.