The following articles have appeared in the Church Times which include comment or reference to ASWA or animal related issues.......


19 February 2016

Article - Every Living thing That Moveth




























18 April 2014

Article - Marvelling at life rather than destroying it



Issue 7849 - 23 August 2013








Issue 7802 - 28 September 2012

Comment section - A register for animal offenders





Issue 7788 - 22 June 2012

Letters Section - Olympic Image































Issue 7778 - 20 April 2012

Grand National Comment




Issue 7769 - 10 February 2012

Lamb chopped as bishops turn veggie

Four Bishops give up meat for Lent


Issue 7750 - 30 September 2011

Cruelty should not be tolerated


Issue 7722 - 18 March 2011

Letter Section - ASWA President speaks out against Fois Gras


Issue 7705 - 19 November 2010

Letter Section - Welfare aspects of halal and kosher meat

Letter in response to Comment, 12th November 


Conference tackles problem of bats in churches

BATS roosting in church buildings are deterring people from getting mar­ried or baptised in church, and parochial church councils (PCCs) are struggling to understand complex legislation on dealing with the issue


Issue 7703 - 5 November 2010

Spare a prayer for animals in war
Humans consistently misuse their fellow-creatures, especially in conflict, says Dominic Walker


Issue 7686 - 9 July 2010

Urban Foxes are fantastic say Anglicans 

SOME sections of the media are encouraging a "war on urban foxes", the Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals (ASWA) said this week.


Issue 7617 - 13 March 2009

Talks urged on badger cull
THE DIOCESE of Bath & Wells hopes to facilitate discussions be­tween farmers, animal-welfare groups, and the Government, as the number of bovine TB cases...

Issue 7596 - 17 October 2008

Bless this tortoise
IT WAS NOT meant to be an animal-blessing service of the sort that brings all the children with their pets


Issue 7592 - 19 September 2008

Campaigning on animal welfare is urgent matter
From John Wainwright

Issue 7490 - 29 September 2006

Sunday shooting would be a step backwards
Sir, - I am growing increasingly concerned at possible plans to remove threstrictions surrounding the shooting of gamebirds on Sundays and Christmas Day...

Issue 7386 - 1 October 2004

Peering through the bars of laboratory cages
We need greater information about animal experiments, argues John Austin Baker

Issue 7285 - 11 October 2002

Bishop roasts chicken-farming
THE BISHOP of Liverpool, the Rt Revd James Jones, criticised the intensive farming of poultry in this country, when he spoke at a special service to mark...