Mornings of Joy by Rosemary Fitzherbert Jones


Mornings of Joy" is a heart-warming and inspirational romance exploring the themes of loneliness and mental illness in society. The main character, Edward, retires to Cornwall with his wife, but she dies soon afterwards and he becomes increasingly lonely and depressed. He finds love and happiness again, and the book considers the role of the medical profession, the church and friends and family in restoring him to wholeness and happiness.

I am a doctor, living in Oxfordshire with my husband. I have been a member of ASWA for many years and feel strongly about animal welfare.

I donate £3 from the sale of each book to the Dogs Trust Hope Project which assists homeless people with the cost of veterinary treatment for their dogs.

If you would like to purchase a copy and so help this charity, please send a cheque for £6.90 (which includes post and packing) to Rosemary Fitzherbert Jones at: 1, Nun's Acre, Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, RG8 9BE.


Thank you.

Rosemary Fitzherbert Jones