ASWA is interested in all age groups. Animals matter to God - How much do they matter to you?


Here are some ideas of how you could support ASWA.......or download our factsheet here


In your Church


Remind your Church about Animal Welfare Sunday which falls on the nearest Sunday to St Francis’ Day on 4th October.


You could offer to help organise a special service of celebration or a youth group event, and ASWA could provide a speaker. Free information packs available from ASWA.


Maybe encourage your Church to become a corporate member of ASWA.


Include animal issues in your prayers.


Talk to your youth worker about ways of including animals in your church life.


In your shopping


Always choose cruelty free toiletries and household products - If in doubt send for the Compassionate Shopping Guide produced by Naturewatch each year which lists all animal friendly products.


Choose the Free Range option or better still buy Organic when buying eggs. There is a lot of cruelty involved with buying eggs from caged hens. Compassion in World Farming is a charity working towards ending factory farming. For more details their website is Perhaps ask your school/college catering manager if they use free range or organic eggs in school meals. If not, ask why not. Be Bold!


Take care when buying fashion with fur trim – it is not always fake fur. Check out the free ASWA booklet on fur which includes a list of how you can tell real from fake fur.


In your Support and Giving


Support organisations helping working animals in developing countries. Many poor people are totally dependent upon their working animals. Look up the websites for the Brooke Hospital and SPANA and learn about the work that they are doing to improve conditions for working animals in poor communities. Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad (SPANA), The Brooke Hospital for Animals


Sign the ‘Animals Matter to Me’ online petition currently on the internet. Check out the WSPA website to add your voice.


Looking for voluntary work with animals? You might want to check out your local shelter to see if they need dog walkers or maybe an elderly neighbour needs a dog exercised? Make sure you check with parents/guardian first.


When considering a pet


Thinking of getting a pet? Make sure you realise the commitment involved. Even the smallest pets need daily food and water and cleaning out. If you are still keen, insist on a rescued pet from a shelter rather than buying from a pet shop. Organisations such as the RSPCA have small animals as well as dogs and cats.


When going on holiday


Be careful not to encourage animal abuse. Avoid bullfights or fiestas that include animals and avoid having your photo taken with captive wild animals such as monkeys. If you witness cruelty, report it to WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) on your return. Many countries will have their own animal welfare organisations. Some are based here in the UK, eg The Greek Animal Welfare Fund (GAWF)


In your free time


Don’t attend circuses with animal acts. There are plenty of good circuses around that only use human performers!


Get involved with ASWA


Calling young creative writers and designers. Your chance to write a youth column or design a poster for the ASWA magazine. Applicants must have a genuine interest in animal welfare and have access to email. This would be a voluntary position.

 Apply to: The Secretary, Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals, PO Box 7193, Hook, Hampshire RG27 8GT

or email: